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Greetings from Mayor Patrick Brown

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Members of Brampton City Council, I am pleased to extend a warm welcome to the guests attending the 40th Annual Carabram, Brampton’s Multicultural Festival. It is great that we are able to celebrate in person again. During this 3-day festival, you will be able to visit many pavilions across the city. This is a good opportunity to try new food, learn about a different culture, enjoy wonderful music, and dance performances.

Carabram has been committed to the preservation, development and promotion of cultural heritage. Carabram continues to achieve its goal of stronger cross-cultural relations, greater appreciation for diversity and to help us highlight the different cultures in their true form.

Our city’s mosaic is as diverse as the United Nations. Brampton residents represent more than 234 different cultures and speak more than 115 languages. With over 600,000 residents, we are now the fastest growing large city in Canada, the 4th largest city in Ontario and 9th in Canada.

I want to thank the Carabram Board of Directors for all their dedication and effort to host this amazing festival. Special thanks to the volunteers who give generously of their time to organize the program and run the pavilions. I also want to thank the many sponsors for making this weekend possible.

Have a great time at Carabram with your family and friends.


Patrick Brown



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