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Carabram Pavilion of Cultures is back in 2019

Carabram’s Pavilion of Cultures has re-located to Century Gardens Recreation Center in 2019. During Carabram July 12-14 , you can enjoy our Pavilion of Cultures, Word of Food and a uniquie entertainment lineup all in one place. It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you … We Are CARABRAM – Brampton’s 36 years young multicultural festival.

Multiculturalism influences every aspect of our well-being. In Brampton, Carabram continues to be a major partner in creating a dialogue and being a vehicle for the expression of multicultural arts, music, food, dance and creating understanding and a lifelong connection to the diverse cultures that make up our nation. Multiculturalism is an explanation and exploration of who we are. It is how we enjoy ourselves and it helps us understand where we live and how we present ourselves to the rest of the world. Carabram fosters this awareness.

Carabram has expanded its horizons and is bringing more opportunities for cultures to come together in celebration of our diversity at the Pavilion of Cultures. There are greater opportunities to introduce your culture to the thousands of visitors to Carabram annually, showcasing your beauty, and rich culture, food and entertainment.

At the Pavilion of Cultures, Carabram hopes to engage those cultural communities who may not have the numbers to put together a traditional cultural pavilion, but who have the ability to share certain elements of their cultural.

Carabram’s World of Food caters to those cultural communities and vendors who are only able to share food.

For those who produce artistic goods or for cultural entrepreneurs, our International Market Bazaar will allow these vendors who wish to share and sell traditional goods and objects to our many guests.

For those cultural groups who are only able to share dance and music Carabram will have a Main event stage where our guests will be able to experience a broad ranger of entertainers from around the world.

Come join us at the Pavilion of Cultures.


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